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Conseil en gestion de partenariats stratégiques innovants

Candidature aux programmes de financement de l’innovation



Let's face it... Despite their wealth of knowledge and experience, CEOs often get stuck in a company-built routine during projects.

When faced with roadblocks, or a crisis of sorts, new ways of thinking are necessary in order to find potential in business activities and projects.

New opportunities should be sought out so as to maintain and maximize results and revenues.

CEOs and companies can often repeat certain patterns in projects or general business, which can sometimes make it a challenge to reach the finish line....

This is where a Business coach comes in...


Wether you want a project moving forward, or you company to evolve, I&S PARTNERS is the coaching you want to have in your corner!

The Business coach will study your project/company and help challenge you to see things clearly and think outside the box. She will assist in being your company's guide through the future...

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